Saturday, June 7, 2008

Of Terompah ( Wooden Clogs)

Some pictures of terompah (the traditional handmade wooden clogs). For women, the terompah is a bit curvy in design- reminds me of the curvy proportion of a woman. For men, the terompah is designed in semi-circle way. This is the original, traditional version of terompah.

My Lovely Malacca


Malacca is one place which I've always loved, right here in my heart. It's small, contented, and full of historical things. Life is so tranquil and cheap too. It's just nice to be laid back and relax. We appreciate things as what they are. Life moves slowly but still at a pace with the modern times. Wherever , when ever I am away from my Malacca, I will always miss it. When I am in Malacca, I just don't want to be away from it. My magical, small-sized wonder of Malacca.
Having spent my childhood and teenage days in Malacca, I've never really realized how fortunate I am to be a Malaccan. Having spent life in Cheras, KL, then Bognor Regis (of West Sussex, UK) , Cheras again, then Segamat, Johor and now in Shah Alam, Selangor- I just can't wait to be back again in my hometown.
I just love eating cendol (a thirst-quencher drink) and rojak (a delicacy) at the Pasar Lama in Jalan Bunga Raya or buying terompah ( or wooden clogs) in the small wooden workshop-cum house in the back alley of Kampung Jawa or even eating breakfast of mee rebus in the New Market near Malacca Sentral. Yes, only a true Malaccan will discover these hidden gems. Those moments remind me of my childhood days, the simplicity of life, of not being marialistic and being tagged by designer labels.
In Malacca, I can be myself, not a hypocritical person and there will be no ever people ask ing you about the things you wear and where you buy. Life is just so simple....