Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Trade Vanishing

A shop selling gardening tools and things matter

Two foreign tourists lounging around
There is a certain nostalgic rememberance of Malacca to me, such as these two above pictures. An old shop is offering the services of sharpening scissors and tools, apart from selling all sorts of tools and knick knacks. Where else on earth, would you find this type of service anymore. In a narrow street in Jalan Hang Jebat, lies a shop specializing on a trade, that we think not important anymore. I remember being in Venice, more than 10 years ago, and was taken aback by all things old. It made Venice a special place to me. That's why Malacca to me, is somehow rather special too. It made me think. It made me feel that I am such in a paradise, where time stood still and life is not just about deadlines and traffic jams.... Yes, wonderful Malacca. The lost paradise...