Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Ramadhan Again

With friends in Cheras, KL

With friends-13 years ago. Twickenham, Surrey, UK

It's Ramadhan again- and it's been like two years since I have updated this blog. I miss my younger days where Ramadhan means you only have yourself to think of, to take care of. It's when you can perform your terawih prayers. You have friends for your iftar. Yes, I've left home at the tender age of 18. Spent my years over many places, and there are many places that I've been. There are several places apart from Malacca that I am very fond of-these being Cheras, KL and the UK. I don't know why- but I feel that I belong there. These places have moulded me and taught me what growing up means.
Thank you for the memories, dear friends. I shall treasure.