Monday, December 13, 2010

A Gem By The Riverside

Kampung Morten
Now- a beautiful village by the river

A view of Villa Sentosa - a grand Malay house owned by the late Tuan Hj. Hashim Hj Abdul Ghani

The newly renovated bridge of Kampung Morten

Kampung Morten is a Malay village in the heart of the historical city of Malacca, Malaysia. I could say that this is a Malay enclave which was brilliantly preserved by the current Chief Minister of Malacca, Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam. Once a Malay kampung or village famously known for its vicinity near to the old Malacca bus station, it is now known as the the village by the river. Decades ago, the previous administration of Malacca was even bold to demolish the beautiful Malay kampung for modern blocks of apartments and buildings... (what a short-sighted vision). However, due to protests from the villagers, the plan was cancelled. If this plan went ahead, what a loss to the whole state and country. I could not imagine how a stateman has the idea of demolishing Malay architecture for the sake of modern ugly buildings.
It is noted that, cities of the world are famous for their history and cultures. That is why Georgetown and Malacca are endearing to tourists, be it local or foreign- due to their old cultural values. Well, back to this kampung- if you want to feel the nostalgia of a Malay kampung by the river, where children waved and greet you, where housewives sit near the balcony of the house and exchange "news" of the day, where there are calls of prayers by the muezzin - this is the place to be. Call it a magical place, it is indeed a "gem by the River of Malacca". I could not help but say this - I've been to Venice, Italy once- but if you cruise by the river during night time, you could never want to miss this place.. This is like the Venice of the Malaysia.


Sumaiyyah said...

Hello... what a delightful blog! This brings back all the memories of my four years there. My friends and I used to walk from our IPG a.k.a. maktab at Durian Daun to places like Ocean, Mahkota Parade, Giant, Melaka Central, Tesco, you name it. We walked everywhere. We used to walk by Kg. Morten a lot. I feel rather sorry for never having entered it, now...

A Malaccan By Heart said...

oh, glad that you have enjoyed your brief stint in Melaka. I know MPPM very well, I went to MGHS- the school opposute of MPPM. Never mind, you can always come back and visit KG MORTEN the next time... Thanks for dropping by.