Monday, December 13, 2010

Sate Celup the Malaccan Way

Patrons of the shop

See- how happy my family is -having discovered this eatery

Verdict- Proofs on what we had eaten

Sate Celup - Chicken, Seafood and vegetables
dipped in hot peanut gravy- kuah kacang.

This is only a quarter of what we have actually eaten

Sate Celup is very famous in Malacca. The food is synonym with Malaccan Chinese. Now, Muslim tourists could have the bite too. This eatery is owned by a Chinese Muslim, situated in Taman Kota Laksamana, Malacca. Only the locals know about this shop as outsiders are more into the ever commercialised asam pedas. However, not all asam pedas sold in the shops in Malacca are that good. Locals do not really frequent these shops as we cook our own "masak asam". Asam pedas are what outsiders call this dish. The locals always calledthis dish as "masak asam". Well, back to this sate celup- I am giving two thumbs up for this food. I have always been fond of Chinese food, due to my own Chinese heritage. Therefore, no asam pedas to me but yes to sate celup. You would never imagine that we could end up choosing so many types of sate celup. Yes, eat as much as you could as the gravy was so tantalising. Forget rice or noodles... these sate celup would make you salivating for more. If you are not all into rice, this is place to be.
Notes: This shop is open during the evening until midnight. It's near to the "famous" Asam Pedas shops in Taman Kota Laksamana. The location of the shop is not really strategic, it is quite at the corner of rows of shophouses. Please ask around the area to know the exact location.

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